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Support to Gov/NGO Farmers

Capacity Building of grass root organisations on SRI
To spread knowhow about SRI, PRAN trains staffs and farmers associated with different organisations. We run five days training programmes for grassroots organisations and farmers on SRI method of crop cultivation as well as fertiliser and pesticides preparation for promotion of SRI method of farming system. The training includes motivational and technical components. Principles of development as well as principles and practices of SRI method of cultivation of various crops are important components of training. Practical demonstration on preparing local fertilisers and pesticides in villages is important part of this training. Three days in-house and two days field training are imparted to the participants. Many farmers and grass root workers from different civil societies have been taking such trainings.
Till date, PRAN trained 5 grass root organization in the district like Supaul, Sharsha, Nalanda, Nawada and many more organization from Uttar Pradesh. We also trained all the District Agriculture Officer of Bihar state on SRI method of crop cultivation.

The following table shows the clear picture.
Resource persons from PRAN to other places
Long term basis 14
Few days 40
The details of the resource persons are in Annexure-1

Addressing other well-being issues of communities
PRAN facilitated the village SRI women groups to submit proposals under MGNREGA/other department in the government format. The Director of District Rural Development Agency, Gaya asked PRAN to collect the proposals from village communities and submit that directly to him at DRDA. The official called all Mukhias, Rojgar sevak and Project officer and got their signature endorsed. Check dams, Latrines, water harvesting structures have been sanctioned under MGNREGA. We held meetings with villagers and forwarded their applications to respective departments. Community hall and hand-pumps for drinking water were in demand. PRAN did not implement these but through department things have started happening on the ground. The officials and contractors deputed by departments come to us and our groups to extend help in execution. Altogether Rs 30 cr worth work will be done in coming seasons all with our SRI project beneficiaries..