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Thema Building

Thema Building on SRI method of life and livelihoods
PRAN as a public Charitable Trust build capacity of large local cadres in various regions to take low cost and resource conservation technique to large number of farmers across India.

Capacity Building of grass root organizations on SRI
To spread knowhow about SRI, the PRAN trains stakeholders including staffs and farmers associated with different organizations. We run five days training programs for grassroots organizations in situ and farmers on SRI method of crop cultivation as well as fertilizer and pesticides preparation for promotion of SRI method of farming system. The training includes motivational and technical components. Linking Principles of development as well as principles and practices of SRI method of cultivation of various crops is important components of training. Practical demonstration on preparing local fertilizers and pesticides in villages is also a part of this training. Three days in-house and two days field training are imparted to the participants. Many farmers and grass root workers from different civil societies are benefitted from the training modules.

Local Cadre Building
PRAN gives special focus on building local cadres. For this the best practicing and socially prominent persons (male and female) identified by community are given rigorous training in four phases. In these 4 phases 75% training is imparted on motivational aspects and the rest 25% on technical aspects of SRI. This includes principles of development, principles of SRI method of crop cultivation, package of practices of SRI method of various crops, land measurement, positive attitudes and human behavior. The training is spread up to 6 months. Out of 100 such participants only 40 to 50 complete all the phases. Those who complete all the phases become eligible to be Village Resource Persons. We identified more than 550 farmers to be trained as VRPs and after cumulative 1,969 days of training and evaluation, 381 persons graduated as VRPs.

Dissemination of SRI knowledge

PRAN rendered services in various Kisan Melas Organised by department of agriculture and agricultural universities. Institute generates various materials on SRI in local languages of Hindi and English to various stakeholders targeting government and civil societies in state of Bihar and elsewhere, in villages and block headquarters PRAN distributes various pamphlets relating to SRI method of crop cultivation and organic products for fertilizer and pesticides preparation using the principle of local product using local resources.. Various research institutes also get in touch with us and ask for SRI package of practices.

Awareness Events: New modus operandi
This year we were extensively engaged in capacity building of farmers through various events. First of all we spread awareness among farmers in new villages through ricksaw Yatra, women promoters so that they can start SRI. In awareness events a group of 3-4 women in uniform of yellow sari go to a hamlet with big fur and pamphlets of SRI with prior information These yellow Sari SRI farmers hang the fur on a wall or tree, sit below and start singing SRI-song. They start singing with a few but after listening to the songs the other women also join the SRI cultural event. After one song these yellow sari women discuss on experience and principles of SRI. Again they sing a different SRI song there after they share the SRI methods in other crops. The audiences both women and men watching and listening to these women feel excited and ask for help from them in the coming season. The SRI vidhi songs which are the majorly used tools for campaigning are actually the step wise PoP of various crops and benefits from them. Therefore the awareness spreading events are in themselves capacity building measures for farmers. Another kind of awareness building event is Jhanki on Republic Day parade in District Head Quarters.

Every year we organize State Level Workshop where large number of stakeholders like farmers, government authorities, ministers, agricultural scientists participated.

State Level Workshop
One state level workshop was organized on September 4, 2014 by PRAN in Patna which was inaugurated by the then chief minister Mr Jitan Ram Manjhi. A large number of government officials from department and research stations, Civil society organizations participated in the workshop. Dr B.C. Barah from National Consortium of SRI along with Mr Vijay Prakash, the then Principal secretary , Planning and Development and present Agriculture Production Commissioner, government of Bihar and representatives from Livolink Foundation, Bhubaneswar and women farmers also participated in the workshop. Various SRI-implements, local fertilizers and pesticides were displayed.

District Level workshop (After Clicking, More Details)
We organised two district level workshops – one each in Gaya and Nalanda. – To sensitize the local officials. In these l district level workshops Project Director, ATMA, District Agriculture Officer, KVK scientists along with block level officials and civil society organisations participated. The farmers shared the experiences on growing SRI method of crops cultivation. The experiences on various SRI implements and local fertilizers and pesticides were also shared by participating farmers.

SRI cluster Adhivesan
We organize SRI Vidhi cluster Adhivesan in our working districts. Public representatives, SRI farmers and officials participated in these events. Between 200 and 500 women farmers participated in each Adhivesan.

SRI Vidhi Jhanki on Republic Day
On every Republic Day farmers, VRPs display innovations in agriculture in Gandhi Maidan, Gaya. We are happy that there is a public recognition of the effort, every year we are ranked among first three Jhanki. Jhanki display of all of our innovations in agriculture draws attention of minister, higher officials and public in general. All SRI implements, fertilizers, pesticides, solar irrigation model are part of our Jhanki.