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Job Description

Position: Project Associate

Number of Vacancies: 4

Place of Work: Bihar, India

Apply By: Thursday, December 15, 2016

Email for CV Submission: hrd@ngopran.org or deveshatpran@gmail.com or use our Career Form

Key Requirements for Project Associate

Those with minimum of 16 years of education (A four year bachelor degree in Agriculture, Veterinary sciences, Engineering etc. or A Master’s degree in Management, Social Work etc. which is the qualifying degree) from reputed institute.
a. 60% and above throughout career.
b. Medium of instruction and examination of the last qualifying degree should be English.
c. S/he should have cleared all back papers before joining the programme.

Key Roles and Responsibilities of Project Associate

Working in villages is an unconventional career for most university educated people and could entail social stress and physical and cultural hardship which everyone may not be able to cope with. Taking these into account, we recruit the students from selected campuses and provide them the opportunity to make a conscious choice about working in villages. It takes no less than 12 months of rigorous reflection and learning by doing for an project associate to graduate. It is subsequent to this training that PRAN makes her/him an offer as Executive.